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Student Visa Subclass 500


  • Is subclass 500 a permanent visa?

    Subclass 500 visas, which are for students, are short-term visas. Applicants are required to provide a statement proving their desire to depart the country once the visa expires. If you meet the GTE criterion, you can still apply for additional visas or permanent residency in Australia.

  • Can a visa Subclass 500 student visa work in Australia?

    Student visa holders with a subclass 500 status are permitted to work for a total of 40 hours per fortnight during the academic term and an unlimited number of hours during the academic vacation. Unpaid or pro bono labour does not factor into the twice-monthly total.

  • Can I change my course in Australia in subclass 500?

    Yes! If you are an overseas student studying in Australia on a Student visa (subclass 500), and you decide that the major you are studying isn't helping you reach your professional goals, you may be entitled to switch majors.

  • How long does it take to get Australian visa subclass 500?

    75% of higher education applications are handled in 29 days, and 90% are processed within 42 days.

Student Visa Subclass 500 – Australian Student Visa

Find the information for whatever you need to know for the Australian Student Visa such as eligibility, estimated cost involved, processing time and conditions.
Australian student visa is granted for up to 5 years to study a full-time course with the CRICOS registered institute. You can study anywhere you want in Australia.

Australian Student visa allows you to:

Study a CRICOS registered full-time course
Include the family member i.e. wife or a child with the application
Lodged this student IN or OUTSIDE Australia
Allows you to work 20 hours per week during the study sessions and unlimited work rights during the term breaks

Eligibility criteria for the Australian Student Visa Subclass 500

Applicant must be over 6 years old
Must have a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for a full-time course registered from an institute with CRICOS
All applicants must hold Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) from an Australian Health Insurance Provider
Applicant under the age of 18 must have an adequate welfare arrangement for the stay in Australia
All applicants must meet health and character requirements
Must have sufficient funds to support your stay and study expenses in Australia

Process for Student VISA Application

Applicants outside Australia must lodge the application 6 weeks prior the commencement of the course
Use the Document checklist Tool to find out the exact document requirements. Please click the provided link:
All documents must be current, and coloured scanned
Can apply for the Australian Student Visa in or Outside Australia
Applicant can create and log in to ImmiAccount, and attached all the required document along with personal statement for Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) and Pay the Visa Application Charges (VAC)

Information on Document Checklist Tool

This checklist gives you the guideline on what documents are required to upload with the student visa. Applicant needs to enter the country of passport and the name of education provider to get an accurate document checklist. If applicant has not selected the education provider, he/she can leave the education provider section blank or select ‘My Education Provider is not listed’.

This tool assesses the risk level of country and the institute and indicates if financial documents and English test are required. If they are required, please ensure to upload all the required documents at this step.

What is the Visa Application Cost (VAC) for Australian Student Visa Subclass 500?

Visa application fee is $620 for the main applicant and additional fee is required if other family members are added to the application. Applicant can use the Visa Pricing Estimator to find out the exact fee. This visa fee is paid to the department.

Estimated processing time for the Australian Student Visa 500

Processing time varies between each application: Higher Education Sector
75% of applications in 80 days
90% of applications in 4 months

Vocational Education and Training Sector 75% of applications in 3 months
90% of applications in 6 months

Department is regularly granting the student visa for offshore applicants during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Please check the Processing time for Student Visa Application here.

Student Visa FAQ

Can I include additional application on my student visa application?

Yes, as long as they are your member of family unit i.e. wife or dependent child.

Do I need to declare all of my family member in the student visa application?

Yes, regardless if your family member does not want to travel to Australia with you. Applicant must declare all the family member in the student visa application. If you do not declare your family member in the application and later, they decide to join. Then a new student visa application is needed to be lodged with the clarification on ‘Why applicant did not declare the member of family unit’ in the first application’. If you marry or have a child after your student visa is granted. Then, you do not need to lodge a fresh student visa application.

Is Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) mandatory for Australian Student Visa Subclasses 500?

Definitely yes, all the applications must hold a OSHC from an approved Australian Health Insurance provider for the duration of course and their intended stay in Australia. If you are unsure which OSHC is best and affordable. You can visit our website and purchase OSHC from there. Getting a quotation for the OSHC is so easy. Usually, it is $480-$500 for single applicant per year.

Do I need to take an PTE or IELTS test for the student visa lodgement?

You are required to take either PTE or IELTS test and It is the entry requirement by the institute and the department may also require at any time depends on the risk level of the country of your residence. Applicant can take either PTE Academic or IELTS Academic for the student visa lodgement purpose. If the English requirement is waived by the department due to the low risk level of the country or Institute, then it may be required by the Institute. English test is the most important requirement for student visa.

English test requirements are different for the immigration purpose and the universities. Please contact us for correct information.
English test must not be more than 2-year-old for student visa purpose only.
If applicant fall into exempt category and hold specified passport then will not require the English test.

What should I do if my student visa about to expire and I have not finished my studies?

You must apply for the new student visa to continue studying in Australia. Contact us if you need any help.

What if my circumstances are changed?

You are required to inform the Department of Home Affairs and inform them about the changes:

If you change your mobile number, email address, residential address or make a new passport etc.
If your marital status is changes or you marry someone
Any changes occur in your welfare arrangements
In the event of a birth of child

Check out the most common situations here

What if I change my course?

Maintaining a full-time study and the SAME AQF level is part of student visa conditions. If you change your course, you should tell the Department of Home Affairs. If you change your course to a lower AQF Level, it may affect your visa and you will be in the breach of student visa condition. In that case the department usually send the Notice of intention to cancellation (NOIC) and ask for the clarification.

Welfare arrangement for the applicant under 18 years of age

Applicant needs to nominate a student guardian. Who can be applicant parent, relative or legal custodian and must over 21 years of age. Guardian must have visa to stay in Australia until applicant turns 18 years of age. Applicant must organise a Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare (CAAW) with the education provider. And Education provider issue the CAAW and inform the Department of applicant’s welfare arrangements start and end date. Applicant must get Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Student (AASES) form if applicant is a secondary exchange student. A signed copy of CAAW is needed to be attached with the student visa application, or If the applicant is a Foreign Affairs or Defence student, then the applicant will need to get the approval for the welfare arrangement from the relevant Minister.

How would I know if my student visa is granted?

The department notifies the applicant about the student visa application by writing or sending emails. The visa grant notification contains:

Visa grant number
Date of visa expiry
And imposed visa conditions

Applicant must always keep a copy of the student visa handy and read all the imposed visa conditions carefully.
If your visa is refused, the minister will explain you in writing why your student visa was refused. And Visa application charge (VAC) will not be refunded.

How many hours can I work on student visa?

On student visa, you can work 20 hours per week during the study sessions and unlimited work during term break.

What travel facilities do I get on my student Visa?

Student visa holder gets multiple travel facilities until the visa validity. It means you can travel as many times as possible you want in or outside Australia for study purpose.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject matter.

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