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About PTE

Pearson Test of English (PTE) is an entirely computer based English test conducted in a secured test centre. All those international students or migrants whose first language is not English, then are eligible for this test. It is the most reliable test for international students who wish to study in Australia - a leading country for globally recognized education system.


AEC PTE Coaching Insights

Our PTE course is specially designed for all those aspirants who have no time to travel and attend physical classrooms. We offer online PTE coaching which includes mock exams, one-on-one feedback sessions, tutorials, repeated material and many more. We also offer:

Personalized attention for individual seeking specific guidance.
Important and proven tips and tricks to score 79+
Flexible timings as per the requiremen

Free PTE Tips

Some proven tips to get your desired score in PTE-Academic.

Manage your time wisely

Do not over exhaust your mind on a single question and trying to crack it compromising other important tasks. You must know how much time to spend on a particular question type. For instance, try to spend only 60 seconds on Listening MCQs questions. This will allow you to complete your remaining important tasks of the Listening section efficiently.

Sharp your grammatical skills

Learning the basic rules and regulations of grammar will boost your Reading and Writing score. This is the time when you can actually implement what you have learnt about practical application of grammar in schools. So, it is important that you know the key grammar linkages in sentence formation. It will surely help in excelling the PTE exam.

Eliminate the rest to choose the best

Elimination strategy is the best tool to find the right answers in MCQs sections of PTE – Academic exam. It will work remarkably in choosing the correct options in Reading and Listening module. Use logic to eliminate the least expected answer and make a wise click on the correct option.

Learn vocabulary to shoot up your marks

It is entirely evident in case of reading that a bit of vocabulary improvement will surely help you understand the passage more clearly and precisely. Instead of reading and surfing through irrelevant stuff, the preference should be given to the authentic sources like Academic collocation, English newspapers and magazines.

PTE Writing Tips

Read, understand and attempt

Understanding writing questions is very important. The major mistake students do while attempting the writing task is that they read the topic or question haphazardly because of the time constraint. This habit might give you drastic results if in the end you realize that you have written out of the context; therefore, it is recommended that read the question carefully, plan your ideas and attempt the question.

Pay attention to the instructions well

Every writing task requires a specific number of words. So, the first thing to notice is the word limit for every task type. Pay more attention to written discourse, grammar, spellings, and academic vocabulary.

Formal writing is a must

When it comes to essay writing or summary writing, you must take care about the type of writing you are using to share your views regarding the topic. It must be academic formal writing with appropriate use of vocabulary. Avoid using contractions, short forms, slang language and irrelevant vocabulary.

Skimming through the passage

Reading and writing a short compound sentence within 10minutes requires extra planning and time management. Take the time to read the passage calmly, skim the general ideas, and select the main key ideas to write down your summary.

PTE Listening Tips

Multitask to attain high score

When it comes to listening section, your mind can distract very easily if you are only listening to the audio. So, it is very important that you multitask in this section. You should be dedicated to not only listening to the audios but taking notes of the keywords and managing time efficiently.

Writing down notes while listening

Write the main focal points as soon as you start listening to the audio. Carefully listening along with making notes is what will help you to secure good marks and understand the audios. In this way you can reconsider what you have listened minutes ago. A careful listening is must in the end.

Do focus on facts and numbers

Your chances of getting the right answer will automatically get improve if you specifically focus on any special numbers, facts, figures, year mentioned, date, or any place. You can add easy score into your basket if you follow this tip honestly..

Pay attention to questions with negative marking

Questions like Highlight Incorrect Words have negative markings so, you need to be really attentive during this task. Try to mumble the words while moving cursor along with the audio.

Proofread the answers

The recording will be played only once, so it is highly important to hear carefully and write down all the key points discussed in the audios or videos. It is important to proofread your final written answers to avoid any grammatical, linguistic and spelling mistakes.

PTE Speaking Tips

Give preference to keywords

Always pay attention to keywords while hearing the audio, it will greatly help you in the question such as Repeat Sentences. In case you are unable to capture the whole audible sentence, just try to repeat the major keywords confidently.

Image describing is an art

When it comes to Describe Image task, you must know how to speak using creative words which acts like icing on the cake. Some words to remember are depicts, illustrate, elucidates etc. Also keep in mind which type of diagram is it. For instance, bar charts, line graph, pie charts are the words to remember.