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Visitor Visa - Subclass 600


  • How long does it take to process visitor visa 600?

    The cost of a 12-month Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) - Tourist Stream (Apply from Australia) is $365AUD. As a rule, paperwork is processed in under 26 days.

  • How long can I stay in Australia on a subclass 600 visa?

    This multi-entry, long-validity coupon is a great way to save money. The duration of a visitor's visa might be up to six years. Each visit to Australia by a visa holder is limited to a maximum of three months.

  • Can I extend visitor visa subclass 600?

    If your subclass 600 visa is due to expire, you should apply for an Australian Visitor Visa Extension. Depending on your situation, it can grant you an additional three, six, or twelve months of stay. Only visitors who seek to extend their stay in Australia beyond the original visa's expiration date will be granted this extension.

  • Can I work in Australia with a 600 visa?

    You can stay in Australia for up to 12 months as a tourist, cruise ship passenger, or medical treatment visa category 600. However, employment is not permitted.

Visitor Visa - Subclass 600

If your immediate family member is living in Australia as an Australian Resident or Australia citizen then you may be eligible for Visitor visa Subclass 600 to travel to Australia

Information for Tourist Visa Subclass 600

You can travel to Australia to visit your immediate family member, or to have a holiday or for a business visit purpose.
You can stay in Australia for 3 months, 6months or 12 months.
Visa Application Charge (VAC) is varied and range from $135 to $365.
Specific Country Passport Holders might be eligible for cheaper tourist visa option.
Visa application fee for the Electronical Travel Authority (Subclass 601) is Nil. You must be holding a passport of a specific countries.

Tourist Visa Streams

Tourist visa comes with four streams:

Business visa stream
Sponsored family stream
Approved destination status stream
Frequent Traveller Stream

Requirements for Tourist Visa Subclass 600

You may get this visa if you are travelling to Australia for the following reasons:


Visiting a family member
Business visitor activities
Travelling to spend a vocation and explore Australia

If you are currently in Australia and holding a substantive visa, you can apply for the Tourist visa only if you are holding a valid visa and the condition 8503 is not imposed. Unless the department has waived the condition 8503 on the compelling and compassionate ground.
Specific passport holders can apply for this visa online if they are outside Australia. Otherwise, the paper application must be lodged.

Criteria for Tourist visa subclass 600

Meet health and character requirements
Have sufficient funds to support your travel and stay in Australia
A genuine intention to travel Australia for tourism, family visit or business activity purpose
You may be required to hold a health insurance cover for the duration of your stay in Australia
If you are visiting a family member, you may be required to pay a security bond under the family stream

Visitor visa for the Parent of Australian

If you are an Australian resident or citizen, you may consider applying a visitor visa for your parents. Parent (Migrant) visa Subclass 103 has a long waiting time of up to 30 years. Please contact us for more details.

I am in Australia and my tourist visa expired and I can not travel due to COVID-19

If you are in Australia and holding a temporary visa and your visa is about to expire. You should apply for a new visa before your current visa expires to maintain your legal stay in the country.

If you are already in Australia, you can consider the following option:

You may apply for another tourist visa.

You can also consider applying for the work visa if you have the right skills, qualification and satisfactory English score unless exempted.
You can consider applying for the student visa if you make all the ticks for the student visa criterion and you are a genuine temporary entrant and a genuine student.
If you are applying for the new visa, you may be granted with the Bridging Visa to maintain you stay lawful in the country until the decision is made on your application.
If your visa has already expired, then you should be looking to lodge a Bridging E Visa immediately to maintain your lawful stay in Australia. This visa will allow you to make all the necessary arrangement and let you depart Australia safely.

Tourist Stream – Document Checklist

Completed visa application form
Completed form 956 if you have appointed Registered Migration Agent to communicate with the department on your behalf.
Application Visa fee
Identity Documents:
Evidence of name change if any
Birth certificate
Letter of invitation if you are visiting a friend of family member
Itinerary copy if you are vising under tourist stream
Evidence of sufficient funds to support your travel expenses:
Bank statement
Pay slip
Taxation record
Credit cart limit
Audited busines and personal accounts To prove that you have genuine intention to return to your country, you can show documents:
Letter from your current employer that you will return back to job after travel
Evidence of school or college enrolment
Evidence of family member, you support or live with in your home country
Evidence of residential status in your home country and that you have returning facilities
Evidence of main and valuable assets owned by the applicant in home country

What you can do upon Grant of Tourist Visa 600

Upon grant of Tourist Visa 600, you can travel to Australia for vocation, to visit a family member or a close friend. Tourist Visa comes with different travel facilities:

You might be able to enter Australia once and then will need to apply for a new tourist visa if you want to return to Australia again.
You might have unlimited travel facilities and can enter Australia as many times as you want and remain in Australia for the specific time mentioned on your tourist Visa Grant Letter.

Applicant can check the visa expiry date and the conditions imposed on their visa on VEVO.

Visa Conditions

Tourist visa may come with various visa condition. It is important to check the visa grant letter and thoroughly read the imposed visa conditions. One of the most important visa conditions is 8503.

Condition 8503 (Applicant must depart Australia before the Visa expires)

While you are in Australia, you will be granted another substantive visa unless condition 8503 is waived or you have departed Australia.

Tourist Visa Processing time and arrangement

Due to Covid-19, Australian borders are currently shut to all the visitors and processing time may be highly impacted. Only immediate family member can travel to Australia based on compelling and compassionate ground. If you have stranded overseas and want return to Australia. You can contact Department of Home Affair to get latest updates.
If you need help lodging your tourist visa application, you can book an appointment with our experienced registered migration agent who will guide you how this system work.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject matter.

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