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Skilled Work Regional Visa

Designated Regional Area

A new definition was given to the ‘Designated Regional Area’ from 16th of November 2019. Now it includes all Australia except the main 3 metropolitan cities Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Interestingly, Gold Cost and Perth have now also classified as ‘Designated Regional Area’.

Visa Nomination Requirement

Applicant can be either sponsored by a state or a close family member who lives in ‘Designated Regional Area’.

State Sponsorship

If you want to apply for the Subclass 491, you must be:

Nominated by a State or Territory government
Meet the nomination criterion for that state
Every state has its own skill, experience, and residential status requirements

Family Sponsorship

If the applicant is sponsored by the Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident, then the sponsor:

Must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
Must live in the in ‘Designated Regional Area’
Must be over the age of 18 years
Must be in a close relation with the main applicant i.e. Parent, Brother, Sister, Step-uncle,Step Niece or Grandparent etc
All applicants on the application must be sponsored

General Visa Requirements

Applicantis nominated by either a State/Territory or a family member
Must have lodged EOI and have received the invitation
Can be in or outside Australia at the time of lodging the application
Must be under the age of 45
Must have minimum of 6 band in IELTS or equivalent
Nominated a skilled occupation in consistent with the invitation
Must have suitable skill assessment for their occupation
Must pass the point test

How points are accrued for Subclass 491

Subclass 491 is also a point-based visa like other General Skilled Migration Visas. A guideline on how to collect your points is given below:

15 Points – once you are invited by the State or Territory Government for the nominated occupation
10 Points – if you are married and your partner has his/her skill assessed
10 Points - If you are single or your partner is Australian Citizen or Resident
5 Points – if your partner has Competent English (minimum 6 score each in IELTS or equivalent)
10 Points –if the main applicant has completed Master’s Degree in Certain Science, Mathematics, Engineering or Technology streams

Restriction while you are holding Subclass 491

Subclass 491 visa is granted for 5 years
Applicant must live and work in the ‘Designated Regional Area’ for the minimum of 3 years
Applicant will not be permitted to apply for the following visa during first 3 years

Partner (Temporary) – Subclass 820)
Skilled Nominated - Subclass 190
Skilled Independent - Subclass 189
Business Innovation and Investment - Subclass 188
Employer Nomination - Subclass 186
Business Talent - Subclass 132
Distinguished Talent - Subclass 124 and Subclass 858

Permanent Resident Pathway

Once the applicant has lived and worked in the ‘Designated Regional Area’ for 3 years
And earn minimum of $53900 each year.
The visa holder and his/her family member can apply for the Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) Subclass 191.
Subclass 191 (Skilled Regional) Visa will commence from 16th November 2022.

If you think you have accrued enough points to lodge this visa. Contact our highly experienced MARA Agents today for the preliminary assessment.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject matter.

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