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Predeparture Services

Mark your pre-departure checklist with AEC Global and get prepare for your arrival in Australia.

Predeparture Services

While the excitement of opportunity to explore a new country is always overwhelming, it is always beneficial to have the right information and keep yourself prepared for the future circumstances. Although in this era of information being easily accessible over the internet, it is important to identify the most reliable sources. We’re here to facilitate your smooth travel - Pack your luggage for a place to learn.
We can assist and provide you information regarding various aspects

  • Arrival
  • Accommodation
  • Support Services
  • Visa compliance
  • Work Rights and Restrictions
  • Bank Accounts
  • Public transport
  • Phone and Internet Plans

Airport Pickup/ Transfer and Accommodation assistance

The primary concern for people who reach a new country for the very first time is that they are unaware of the place and sometimes it may sound very unfamiliar and intimidating. Finding someone waiting for you, who could speak your language and drops you to the place of accommodation, makes life lot easier. In case of some assistance being required at any Australian airports at the time of arrival; we can organise a pick up and can direct you to the destined short-term accommodations and hostels. These services have to be pre booked in consultation with one of our staff members.\

We’re here to facilitate your smooth travel - Pack your luggage for a place to learn.