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Policy Statement

This policy applies to all the services AEC GLOBAL provides to its clients including admission to colleges, RTO and universities, immigration services and visa lodge charges, PTE coaching and health insurance policies which are bought from third party partner providers.

AEC GLOBAL adheres with the local state and federal laws and legislative requirements to ensure our clients are served in their best interest and in accordance with the services we agreed to perform for them.

Fees and Charges

AEC GLOBAL always provides the fee estimation to their client prior to commence the service. AEC GLOBAL has a fair refund policy for all of its clients who want to get a refund. If client gives a sufficient advance notice and the refund request does not harm AEC GLOBAL economically due to the short notice on the refund request.

AEC GLOBAL shall not provide any refund for the withdrawal of the services once the services agreement is signed. Our web page declares generic information which can be considered appropriate towards the refunds and does not include the users other than clauses mentioned below.

1.AEC GLOBAL trades in a level-based fee collection system, and we collect the fee for the services provided to our clients as per the client agreement. All the payments are made into Clients’ account for the migration purpose and company trust account for the education purpose. Fee estimation, invoice and the receipts are sent out to the clients. AEC GLOBAL is not liable for the refund once the client is agreed with the on the services performed and the invoice is created.

2.Fee for the services is not subject to any changes once the client registers with AEC GLOBAL and agreed to specific services. Any claim shall not be dealt as the client has carefully read the clauses in the agreement and the company policies at the time of signing the contract.

3.The fee paid at the time of registration is solely for the costs for the services performed by AEC GLOBAL. The client is liable to pay any additional application or assessing fee to the concerned authority at the time of processing his/her application with that authority.

4.If the client changes her/his mind to discontinue the services after entered in the agreement. In that case, client does not have any entitlement for the refund from AEC GLOBAL.

5.AEC GLOBAL will not consider any refund request from a relative or a friend if the client discontinues the services while the application is still processing with the department, institute, or any other relevant authorities.

6.If client abandons the original services, no refund will be given to the client. It is client’s responsibility to understand and accept with the terms and condition.

7.AEC GLOBAL will not be liable for any refund of any fee, in the event of visa refusal/invalid application, application rejection/non-acceptance with the relevant authorities:

  • Immigration department
  • Assessing authorities
  • Embassy/Consulate/High Commission
  • Insurance providers

8.AEC GLOBAL is not liable in the event of delays which are caused by the external or third parties i.e. Postal Services or any external factors. Though, AEC GLOBAL will make the best efforts in the favor of client.

9. AEC GLOBAL is abide with the Code of Conduct and openly tells the client about the success of the application where it is the Visa application or skill assessment application. AEC GLOBAL has no control over the outcome of the application. Therefore, AEC GLOBAL is not liable for such refunds.

10.AEC GLOBAL is not liable for any refund the applicant visa is refused due to the following reasons:

  • If any changes occur in the immigration act and regulations and according to the newrule’s application doesn’t qualify for the specific visa.
  • If applicant does not appear for the visa interview or other verification purpose to the concern authorities.
  • If applicant does the late submission requested by the relevant authority.
  • If applicant fails to produce AFP (Police Clearance).
  • If applicant fails to provide the positive medical clearance including the member of family unit.
  • If applicant provides a document or any information in the document which is fraudulent.
  • If client has breached the condition of his/her previous visas
  • If applicant does not provide the required document in support the fund evidentiary documents.

11. AEC GLOBAL is strict with the policy for Chargebacks. Customer will be blacklisted and barred to use AEC GLOBAL services if he/she found to be in dispute of any credit card payments or other payment related disputes.

12.If the customer has made any payment to the AEC GLOBAL, he/she will not notify the designated bank for the chargeback. He/she will not insist back to cancel or withhold the payment. Moreover, AEC GLOBAL expect the customer to cooperate with AEC GLOBAL, if it is required to represent the matter to the relevant bank or other financial institute.

13.If the applicant visa or other application required to demonstrate the funds, client must undertake to meet such requirements. If client fails to show the funds, AEC GLOBAL will not be liable for the refund.

14.Client agrees to provide any required document either by the department or other relevant authorities. Client agrees to provide the original and the colored copies of all the documents if required by the department or any other relevant authorities. If client shall not be entitled to any refund if he/she fails to do so.

15.Client must agree that the client is responsible for any online transaction (made from client’s credit card, VISA debit card or from the bank account) made towards their visa application or any other skill assessment application. If the outcome of the application is negative, returned or refused due to the error in the payment method or other related issues. AEC GLOBAL will not be liable for any refunds for such an event.

16.If is client’s responsibility to inform AEC GLOBAL in the appropriate time (usually 1-3 days) by email if the client has received any correspondence form the department or other relevant authorities. It includes personal visits to Immigration officer and phone calls etc. Failure to do so may affect client’s application or her/his immigration status in Australia. And AEC GLOBAL will terminate the agreement with the client.

17.By signing the client agreement, it is acknowledged that client will not withdraw the application at any points while it is in process. If client withdraw the application due to her/his personal circumstances. No refund will be given to the client.

18.AEC GLOBAL strictly adhere the Code of Conduct and has a duty to preserve the confidentiality of its clients.

Refund for the Appointments

All paid consultations are non-refundable. Upon client’s consultation, a letter of advice, invoice and the payment receipt will be sent to the client. Client will have every opportunity to clarify the issues and ask any migration related questions during the consultation process.

Refund for PTE Coaching Services

AEC GLOBAL does not provide any refund once the client has commenced the course. Service fee paid is valid for up to 6 months.

Other Matters

AEC GLOBAL refunds policy adhere the code of conduct and govern by ‘Client Agreement’ given upon the first consultation.

Applying for the Refund

If any client wants to apply for the refund, please write us to , alternatively you can also call us on +61 3 7014 6424 and one of our staff member will assist you with the refund process.

Client needs to ensure that his/her all debts towards AEC GLOBAL are cleared before the refund is processed. It will be adjusted in the refund amount otherwise.

If client is dissatisfied with our policies where he/she is not entitled to a refund, he/she can seek help from Australian’s consumer protection laws.

All refund will be processed within 2 weeks. It may be delayed subject to the specific case. If AEC GLOBAL has applied for the refund with the third party on behalf of client, the funds will be refunded once they are received.


Our account department head is responsible to process all the refunds and liable to report to business Directors so that is effectively implemented without any delays.

Disclaimer: If you have availed our services in Australia, all the prices are calculated in Australian Dollar. AEC GLOBAL will not be responsible if the refunds have processed by our account team and transaction is failed due to any reasons caused by the client or client’s financial institute i.e. incorrect formation provides etc.

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