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Student Service

Our mission is to stand side by side to International students and explore all the possibilities for a bright future

Student Services

Studying abroad is a big decision for any international student who wish to start his career in a new land of opportunities. But a small mistake can change the complete pathway of success to failure.
At AEC Global, our education and migration consultants help you to meet your goals efficaciously. We provide you all the possibilities that can lead you to the success.
Come, share your career objectives with us and we will explore all the suitable options for you

  • Can’t find the right university or college in Australia?
  • Want some help in choosing the right course?
  • Need some assistance in visa application?
  • Unable to understand immigration rules, and regulation
  • Taking your first footsteps towards your career objective? Need some advice?

What we assist you with

AEC Global is committed to serve international students at every stage. We serve a wide pool of onshore and offshore students with all their needs and demands.
We provide end to end services to you from education and visa counselling, to college and university admissions. We assist you in getting offer letters at the diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
As a registered professional, we ensure that you get quality and affordable counselling services at AEC Global.We are committed to educate and nurture all International Students, so they can grow and achieve their goals