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Top 5 Courses in Australia After 12th non-Medical

Studying in Australia after the 12th can prove to be highly beneficial for your career. Australia, home to some of the world's best colleges and universities, offers some of the best courses for international students, which will help them stand out from the crowd and prepare for the real world.

After completing your 12th from non-medical, there are many career opportunities but choosing the right one is essential. Since there are hundreds of courses to choose from, it is always a challenging and time-consuming endeavor for students to decide on which path to pursue after the 12th non-medical

This blog provides comprehensive information on the most sought-after courses in Australia that you can pursue after your 12th non-medical.


Engineering (Bachelors of Engineering)

One of the most popular courses after 12th non-medical is engineering. However, suppose you're a prospective non-medical student planning to take Bachelors of Engineering courses at the graduation level. In that case, you can opt for any specialization such as civil, computer science and engineering, chemical, mechanical, aviation, mineral & mining, electrical & electronic, and numerous other professions.

Australia is the ultimate engineering destination for international students, and there are so many reasons for that. First, many universities in Australia have earned a reputation of being internationally recognizable and acclaimed for being a leader in several advanced research programs. Besides, Australian universities offer some of the world's most diverse engineering programs and campus placements in the most prestigious companies globally.


Top Universities: University of Technology Sydney, University of Sydney, RMIT University, University of Queensland, Monash University, Victorian Institute of Technology


Bachelor of Science

Whether you want to become a marine biologist, physicist, chemist, psychologist, or data scientist, the Bachelor of Science (BSc) is a pathway to many exciting careers. BSc is a three-year undergraduate degree program that provides you with a choice to choose from the full range of science, mathematics, biomedicine, and IT projects.

Quality education in science from top institutions in Australia will equip you with creativity that is highly valued and famous by a diverse range of employers around the globe. Many universities also offer placement to you after your graduation.


Top Universities: University of Melbourne, The University of Queensland, Australian National University, Canberra, Monash University, The University of Sydney



This popular course for non-medical students is very similar to Bachelors of Engineering, and the eligibility and admission process are also the same. Including diploma courses in architecture, there are both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in architecture in various universities in Australia. An architecture course combines art and science where you'll learn how to plan, design, and fabricate large structures and buildings.

Similar to Bachelor’s in science and Technology, it's also a four-year-long academic degree program. You can choose from various subjects from town planning to architectural technology, interior & exterior designing, and structural engineering. There are ample career opportunities after this course in both private architectural firms and government organizations.


Top Universities: RMIT, University of South Australia, University of Technology Sydney, Deakin University, The University of Queensland


Computer Science

The global information technology industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and Australian universities offer several courses in IT and related subjects. A degree in computer science is one of the best courses that can help you create a multi-faced career in the industry.

Besides IT sectors, you'll get the chance to work in several sectors after completing a computer science degree, from healthcare to software, trading, transportation, education, and more. Because it's both a mathematical and creative subject, you can get roles like programmers, analysts, consultants, developers, and managers. Many Australian institutions offer hundreds of computer science courses that you can pick and choose from.


Top Universities: University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, University of Queensland Australia, Australian National University, University of Melbourne


Bachelor of Mathematics or Statistics

If you're good at mathematics and enjoy solving math problems, you can pursue a degree in mathematics or statistics in Australia. After completing your degree, you'll develop analytical skills and an analytical attitude, and critical thinking. In addition, a degree in mathematics or statistics from a reputed institution in Australia offers considerable earning potential.

There is currently a shortage of graduates with strong mathematics and statistics knowledge across various industries in Australia. As a result, students with such degrees are in huge demand. They can find work in many different sectors such as accounting firms, consulting companies, insurance agencies, real estate firms, banks & other financial institutions, airlines & transportation companies, engineering firms, and a lot more. 


Top Universities: University of New South Wales , Australian National University ,The University of Melbourne, Monash University, The University of Sydney.


Top-quality universities, cultural diversity, the great outdoors, internship availability, vibrant city life, accessible communication, and incredible work opportunities are some of the many reasons why international students choose Australia to study. So, if you're wondering what are some of the top courses in Australia after 12th non-medical, this is the list of some of the most sought-after degrees and techniques you can study in Australia.

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