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Can I search job in Australia on Tourist Visa?

No, You are not allowed to work on tourist visa. Australia is undoubtedly an island with many outstanding beautiful landscapes, a variety of flora and fauna. Moreover, it is a country with a multicultural society where one can experience various cultures, traditions related to a particular nation by exploring new ideas and knowledge.


The best way to get the allowance to visit Australia legally is by getting a tourist visa. It makes you stay in Australia for a particular period, and it can be up to 3, 6, and 12 months. This helps you explore Australia's living, working culture, education system, and you get to know about Australia in depth.

The reason to grant an Australian Tourist visa is to allow the candidates to meet their relatives/family and exploring new natural places, spending holidays and any business meeting. But, it holds some conditions which are essential to maintain your visa status; please have a look at these:


Paid work is not allowed. Only Volunteer work can be done.

Can enrol in study only for three month

But there are some conditions to follow for a person holding a visitor visa. Candidates with a tourist visas cannot work in Australia. Anyone who doesn't follow the conditions and gets caught faces severe consequences.


However, in some situations, a visitor visa holder cannot extend or convert his/her visa to another type of visa, whether student, work, or another visa subclass.

If you are not following the conditions as per your visa, there are consequences by the Immigration Department; they can cancel your visa and put you in an Immigration detention centre until all necessary arrangements for your deportations are in process.

If you overstay or work after expiring, your visa expires, and you are caught by immigration; then, they would kick off you and ban you from re-entering in Australia for three years.


Various factors lure visitors to find work in Australia; for example, Australia values overseas qualification and experiences and pay the highest pay scale to all employees. Also, this nation has a better quality of life with the availability of all amenities at the best standard, such as an efficient healthcare system and a social support system. Furthermore, once one becomes a permanent resident of Australia, they can benefit from a pension, which is again helpful to live independently. What is more, this country has less crime rate and more job opportunities related to different sectors. Therefore, when people come to Australia on a Visitor visa, they are greedy to work here and settle down instead of returning to their home country.

 Only a person with proper job qualifications can apply for a working visa that helps you to stay and work in Australia.

According to your specific requirements, you can apply under various streams for visa subclass 600

Tourist stream [apply in Australia]

Tourist stream [apply outside Australia]

Sponsored family stream

Business visitor stream

Approved Destination Status stream

Frequent traveller stream [for citizens of people's Republic of China]


For any enquiry related to searching job in Australia on Tourist Visa, contact us at AEC GLOBAL; book your appointment with our expert here. He/She will provide you with proper information and help answer all your queries.