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What Qualifications do I need to be a Mechanic in Australia?


The Automotive Industry in Australia is one of the leading industries in terms of creating jobs with more than 3% projected job growth. It is also projected that the revenue for the Automotive industry in Australia will rise over the next five years. This industry not only includes the manufacturing and selling of motor vehicles, it also incorporates the design, and development of cars, trucks, lorries, and other giant vehicles. This massive industry also integrates the repairing, selling, and marketing process of different parts, heavy machinery, and other required accessories to keep vehicles on the roads.


Due to its continuous transition and popularity in the Australian market, Australian immigration has also included it in its Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List commonly known as occupation list or MLTSSL to fill any skill gaps. The most popular courses which are included in MLTSSL are Automotive Electricians (ANZSCO 321111) and Motor Mechanic - General (ANZSCO 321211). If you are aspiring to start a career in a most dynamic and vibrant industry – Automotive is the one.


The automotive trade course not only provides technical knowledge but also helps students to boost their business skills and knowledge to run their own successful automotive business in the future. However, it is important to know how the Automotive course will take you towards a hybrid career and permanent residency in Australia.

So, let’s discuss the Why study Automotive course in Australia?


The Automotive Industry in Australia

Australia is a developed country and has the capability to design vehicles from scratch to mass products and top Automotive Industries such as Ford, Holden, Nissan, and Renault also have their offices and production units in Australia. More than 90% of the Australian population use cars rather than motorbikes. It is also a fact that delivery trucks, vans, and lorries are the heart of Australian logistics. In this era of technology, companies like Tesla taking dominance over Audi, Mercedes because unique innovation and revolution play a key role in the success of any industry. Since it is growing spontaneously in Australia, that is why institutes are committed to providing quality education to students. By studying the Automotive course, international students will not only attain technical and theoretical knowledge, but they will get hands-on real-time experience through industry placement and apprenticeship programs. International students with automotive qualifications may start their own business in any country around the world. So, students should step forward to get their hands dirty and learn those skills which will offer a long and successful career.  

PR Pathway in Automotive Course

As we discussed, the Automotive course is one of the popular trade courses in Australia. International students with Automotive qualification and experience of 360 hours will be eligible to apply for provisional skill assessment which is required to enter the Job Ready Program. Job-ready Program (JRP) is comprising of four steps and a completely employment-based skills assessment. In addition to this, after completing a job ready program, TRA Australia will assess you for the specific occupation and that outcome may be used to apply for skilled migration purposes.

Career opportunities for Graduates of Automotive:

With the increasing population in Australia, approximately every household has access to at least one vehicle, and keeping those motors running requires skills, efforts, and knowledge, which is why Automotive Mechanics, Service Managers are high in demand. According to an estimation, Automotive Mechanics typically earn around AU$52,000 yearly while Service Managers bring home an average of $75,895 per year.

It is a dynamic industry so studying Automotive will provide a diverse career opportunity such as:

  • Service Manager
  • Motor Mechanics
  • Automotive Applications Engineer
  • Automotive Electrician
  • Vehicle Builders
  • MotorSport Development Executive
  • Service Technician
  • Motorsports Mechanic
  • Parts/Sales Representative

Popular courses in the automotive sector are:

Some of the most popular and high in demand courses are:

  • Certificate III in Light Vehicle Technology
  • Certificate IV in Automotive
  • Certificate IV in Automotive Electrical Technology
  • Diploma of Automotive Technology

Entry Requirements for Automotive Course:

Just like any other trade course, there are no special requirements to get admission to the automotive trade course. Some basic criteria are as below:

  1. A valid passport (Must be valid for 6 months)
  2. IELTS/PTE or TOEFL Score equivalent to IELTS 5.5band overall
  3. Senior secondary school qualification
  4. Any relevant experience
  5. Statement of Purpose


Few more documents such as evidence of funds, offer letter from the intended Australian Education provider and OSHC may be required for the student visa process in the Automotive trade course. Feel free to contact the AEC Global Education counselor to discuss scholarship or fee for automotive courses in Australia.


Best Institutes for Automotive courses in Australia

AEC Global has special arrangements with the best Australian education providers to help international students. Our experienced education and migration consultants will help you to choose the best automotive Institute in Australia. We at AEC global also offers scholarship frequently and make the admission process much easier and faster. Some of the education providers who offer Automotive courses in Australia are:

  • Macallan College
  • Acumen Education
  • Barkly International College
  • PAX Institute
  • Everest Institute


Our experienced migration agents have rich knowledge about automotive skill assessment from provisional to full migration skill assessment. At AEC Global, the application processing either it is for admission process or migration purpose, all services will be hassle-free and on time. We have successfully helped more than 1000 international students to get enrolled in their dream course and open doors for PR in Australia.


If you want to discuss the scope of Automotive in Australia further and learn more about your eligibility for this trading course - get in touch with us at 0481 840 167 or book an appointment with our experts.