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How to Improve your listening Skills to get 79+ in PTE Exam?


Some international students struggle in the PTE Listening module because they are not habitual to listening to different accents. If your target score is 79+ in listening, you will have to build strong listening skills. In this blog, I will explain some simple strategies which you can use to strengthen your listening abilities. You can immensely enhance your listening skills just by applying these simple tricks.

Firstly, listen to various podcasts. These are the free audio files that allow the users to download and listen to them multiple times. You can subscribe to various educational channels and listen to them at least for 30 minutes daily.

Secondly, TED Talks – a great source of academic resources where you can not only listen, watch but also read some informative topics. You can also listen to some great influencers if you feel demotivated.

The best strategy is listening to the native speakers: Good Day Mate! Make friends whose first language is English. 

Think in English: it is a great way to improve your listening as well as speaking skills. Just think about any topic and try to create a story about it while thinking in English.

I am deliberately not adding YouTube to this list because you can be distracted while watching videos very easily. Just listening to the audios also improves concentration which is the key to excel in the PTE exam.


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