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The International English Language Testing System evaluates proficiency in the English language of aspiring students willing to study abroad in International Universities. The test is applicable where the official communication for the course is required to be in the English Language.







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There is a total of 9 bands score parameter for which you need to score as per the specific requirement of University. The assessment is in the form of measuring speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills.

1. Part 1 (Listening)

Time Frame – 30 minutes

Total Questions – 40

The task to perform:

You need to listen to 4 recordings which is spoken by an English Speaker and as per your hearing, you have to answer questions in different formats like Matching, fill in the blanks, multiple choices questions, questions based on maps and many others.

2. Part 2 (Reading)

Time Frame – 60 minutes

Total Questions – 40

The task to Perform:

There will be 3 long texts taken from authentic places like journals, magazines from which you have to answer all respective questions testing your analytical, mental and factual skills

3. Part 3 (Writing)

Time Frame – 60 minutes

Total Questions – 2

The task to Perform:

First Task is to write an essay on current issues occurring around the world. It tests your writing skills in depth and how well you are able to write which is easily understandable too. The second task depends upon which IELTS test you have registered for. In the case of IELTS Academic, you need to decode the Graph in your own language, and you will get the score accordingly. Another is IELTS General Training, which is for Migration purpose generally, under it, writing a Letter will showcase your way of efficient written communication.

4. Part 4 (Speaking)

Time Frame – 11 to 14 minutes

The task to Perform:

It is an oral interview between the designated examiner from IELTS and candidate. All speaking is recorded. There are three specific parts deals with a different perspective to judge the speaking ability of the candidate.


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