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Have you arrived in Australia on a student visa and pursuing your studies to be a permanent resident?

Most of the international students come with the mindset that landing on Aussie land will solve most of their problems without knowing the consequences they may face later in their student journey. 

We cannot deny the fact that Australia has always been one of the best living countries on the planet. It’s very fortunate that this country has the best spot on the globe to make working and living conditions exceptional.

But the main question is how international students struggle to make their dreams come true?

International students make a few common mistakes that weaken them to permanently settle in Australia. Firstly, they lack the career guidance and do not have any preparation in advance from the first day they arrive in Australia. Most of the students avoid public gathering and networking due to the lack of confidence and language barrier.  

They should be suggested to focus on their studies and get the qualification within the given time frame which won’t affect their planning to lodge the Australian TR and PR visas in the future. Furthermore, they should also pay attention to their English language skills. Since PTE and IELTS preparation is very important these days and there are many cheap webinar services offered in the market where international students can easily prepare for 60 PTE Score within two weeks. These services provide them one-on-one session and free updated material. Finally, they should get in touch with one of the top migration agents or top education consultants in Australia.

If you still need more information on how to secure your future in Australia and get 90 scores in PTE, you can always contact Advist Education Consultants (AEC Global).

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I took the visa service to Australia from AEC Global (Advist Educational Consultants), and I must say that their way of handling profiles is fantastic. I feel very comfortable in presenting my case. Fully satisfied with University admission and services. Thanks to AEC Global.

Lovekesh Kaushal

Trustworthy and reliable service

AEC Global (Advist Educational Consultants) company proves to be an honest education service provider. They do as per their commitments. I am really glad about choosing them as my education consultant

Simranjeet Singh

Guarantee service assistance

I contacted (AEC Global) Advist Educational Consultants for solving my queries regarding studying Australia and migration. I got every kind of service regarding my case and all credit goes to the hardworking staff who guided me in the best career direction..

Kavita Sharma

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